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SRT Staff

Steve Reichert provides vetted, qualified and experienced instructors to staff all our SRT courses. SRT instructors have decades of experience in the Special Operations field while working in both permissive and austere environments. Below is an outline of our average instructor

Military Skills

SF Q Course, Intelligence Operations Course, Target Analysis and Demolitions, Small Unit Tactics and Patrolling, Resource & Training Management, Technical Communications, Advanced Medical Trauma Training

Special Skills

SERE Level I & II, Open Source Information Operations, Low Visibility Operations, Protective Security Training, Intelligence Collection, Discreet ISR technology, Surveillance & Surveillance Detection, Technical Surveillance Training, Training and Assignment to a Special Mission Unit, Field Training Course (FTC), MASINT, Surreptitious Entry and Acquisition

Security-Related Capabilities

Protective Security Detail training, Red Cell Capability, Vulnerability Assessments, Situational Awareness Training, Route Analysis, Identification of Improvised Explosive Devices, Evacuation Planning, Crisis Response, Personnel & Vehicle Searches

Subject Matter Expertise

Critical Infrastructure Analysis and Protection, Unconventional Warfare, COE Threat Analysis, Policy and Planning Related to National Requirements, Trauma Medical Training, Intelligence and Intelligence Collection, Special Mission Operations, Counter-terrorism, Counter-insurgency, Improvised Explosive Device Familiarization Instruction, Route Analysis and Attack Recognition, Interagency Coordination, ISR Field Testing, Training & Operational Deployment, Surveillance Detection Operations and Training

Average Profile:
  • Age: 39
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Military Service: Retired military
  • Overseas Assignments: 8+ years
  • Security Clearance: TS+)
When Steve went through his staffing process for the courses we had requested I was duly impressed with the depth of field the staff brought the table. SRT put forth the best of the best in their respective fields, ranging from active special mission unit hitters to dual Ph.D.'s. These days you pay for quality, and no expense is spared with SRT's staff.

LtCol JW Department of Defense

LEO's, if you're considering a course at your location, call us first to discuss your options