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SRT Pistol Skills Tune-Up & Employment

May 6/7 2017 |Medfield, MA

This is an exclusive training opportunity for five lucky individuals. Steve Reichert will personally conduct this intense two-day period of instruction.

The SRT 2-Day Pistol Skills Tune-Up & Employment course is a two-day course that focuses on the skills required to become proficient at marksmanship skills under field conditions. Students will be exposed to the most up to date techniques and procedures employed by our nation’s finest shooters. SRT’s courses maintain an extremely low student to instructor ratio at 5:1 or less. This best in the industry practice ensures that every student no matter what course or program is being executed receives our utmost attention.

Course Gear Requirements:
  • Modern pistol
  • Security type holster (NO LEATER)
  • 1000 rounds of ammunition
  • Clear wrap-around eye protection
  • Amplified hearing protection + spare batteries
  • 3 pistol magazines
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Handheld flashlight + spare batteries
  • Weapons mounted light (suggested NOT required)
  • Headlamp + spare batteries
  • Write & the rain capable notepad and pens
  • Appropriate clothing for the foretasted weather
  • Lunch, snacks, drinks
Why train with SRT? Steve Reichert was the driving force behind T1G, one of our Nation’s largest Special Operations training centers. The training programs established under his watch enabled the company to grow from a start-up to an industry leader in just three years. His company was directly responsible for training over eight thousand of our nation’s top tier forces during his tenure as CEO. Our nation's finest sought out the best training programs in the industry, and they frequented companies Steve headed up.
I have known Steve Reichert for 12 years. He is one of the top firearms instructors in the Nation and is an exceptional one on one instructor. Steve has shot on every weapon level course available at the Rogers Shooting School and has qualified Advanced with every weapon system. He has shot one of the highest rifle scores at the school and has qualified Advanced with a score of 121 out of 125 possible in the Rogers Handgun class. With Steve's military combat experience and his present shooting skills, I know few others that could offer firearms training at his level.

Bill Rogers | Rogers Shooting School

Tuition: $850.00 per person

Booking & Cancellation Policy: In order to book an SRT course you must 1st pay for the course (button below) then complete the enrollment form found HERE. After completing the form email the form along with a copy of your ID or LEO letter to the email address specified on said form. Your seat is NOT confirmed until payment and the form have been received. A detailed explanation of SRT’s cancellation policy can be found on the enrollment form.