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Rogers Shooting Course

Phoenix Arizona

Our Nation’s most elite units send their instructors and students through the Rogers program for one reason... it is the gold standard for pistol training.

The Rogers course taught by SRT staff is the same period of instruction as taught at the Rogers Shooting School, and we keep the same standards. Bill Rogers blessed off on our “Rogers” Range last year, and ran his instructor course to ensure the staff maintained his standards. What is the “Rogers Course”? It’s a rather challenging course of fire, that makes people move quickly, and forces them to deliver accurate shots under extremely tight time constraints. There are lots of pistol courses out there, but I’d say 95% of them are pure mental masturbation. Time standards are lax, accuracy is a joke and since you’re shooing at paper most of the time, you have no clue where your last round went and whether it was effective. All of the Rogers targets are reactive in design. They must be successfully hit in order to stop them. Peripheral hits or fragments do not stop them. These targets are pneumatically operated by a computer that offers the most realistic challenge in handgun instruction period. This is just one of the aspects that separate us from other schools. The main difference between our school and others is that we teach the students how to successfully engage small partial targets that are only exposed for .5 to .75 of a second. From the first drill of the first day, our targets are exposed for less than a second and they never get slower. Many very experienced shooters of prestigious fighting units have found this course of fire to be very challenging. Most if not all police and military agencies have been exclusively trained to shoot what we call "Precision" shooting with a handgun. These people find themselves in trouble when they are forced to shoot at partial targets that are moving quickly. Would they have the same problem in real life? You can count on it. Analyzing the Uniform Crime Report statistics on the number of shots fired at very close distances shows that less than 20% of the bullets fired by police hit the intended target.

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Rogers Course Gear List:
  • Eye protection (Clear + Sunglasses)
  • Hearing protection
  • Handgun + 4 magazines
  • 2,500 rounds
  • Modern holster (NO leather)
  • Ammo pouch that will hold 2+ mags/li>
  • Dump pouch
  • Sturdy belt
  • Water + snacks
  • Hat & sun screen
  • Appropriate clothing for desert conditions
  • Closed toed shoes or boots
I have known Steve Reichert for 12 years . He is one of the top firearms instructors in the Nation and is an exceptional one on one instructor. Steve has shot on every weapon level course available at the Rogers Shooting School and has qualified Advanced with every weapon system. He has shot one of the highest rifle scores at the school and has qualified Advanced with a score of 121 out of 125 possible in the Rogers Handgun class. With Steve’s military combat experience and his present shooting skills, I know few others that could offer firearms training at his level.

Bill Rogers | Founder: Rogers Shooting School

Enrollment Options

The course of fire is five days in length. We do realize that it’s not easy for folks to take off time from work so we have some flexible options to better accommodate those looking to obtain the skills on an easier timeline while spread loading the course costs over time.

R5: The standard 5-day course of fire. It is typically conducted Sat-Wed or Wed-Sun. $1200
R6: Is composed of three two-day sessions (R1, R2, R3) with homework to do in-between sessions. These are weekend courses. Session are scheduled throughout the year and you must complete them in order within five months of attending R1. Each session is $500

If you attended a Rogers Course before with SRT, Alpha 23, Bill Rogers or T1G and had a BASIC rating, you can directly enroll into the last two weekends of R6, this consists of sessions R2 & R3.

If you attended a Rogers Course before with SRT, Alpha 23, Bill Rogers or T1G and had an Intermediate or Advanced rating, you can directly enroll into the last weekend of R6, this consists of session R3.

Important Note

Over the entire course, students shoot at least 2,500+ rounds at the rate of approximately 500-600 rounds-per-day. Students are responsible for all shooting equipment (e.g., pistol, holster, magazines) and ammunition although arrangements for supply can be made through the school.

If you require prescription glasses, please insure that your dominate eye can focus clearly on the front sight of a handgun extended at arm’s length. For further understanding please read “Be Fast, Be Accurate, Be the Best”, paying particular attention to pages 76 and 102. Do not arrive at the school and expect to do well if you cannot clearly see the front sight of your handgun instantly while pointing at a spot with both eyes open. Bifocal lenses will not work!

Currently Scheduled Rogers Courses

R1: Saturday April 22 - Sunday April 23 $500 to enroll click HERE (open to new students)

R2: Monday April 24 - Tuesday April 25 $500 to enroll click HERE (MUST have prior Rogers training to enroll)

R5: Monday April 22 - Wednesday April 26 $1200 to enroll click HERE (open to new students)


Classes fill up fast, enroll today!