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We build riflemen the old fashioned way

Are you tired of attending Tac-T-Cool rifle & carbine courses where you dump inordinate amounts of rounds into a piece of paper at stone throwing distances?Have you ever wanted to attend a real rifleman's course and actually employ the principals of rifle marksmanship at distance?


If you’re one of the many great Americans out there who have the will and desire to become the best at everything you do then this course is for you. During the SRT Rifleman's Course you will acquire the rifle marksmanship principals that will allow you to accurately and effectively engage targets at distance. You will find yourself being constantly pushed by our staff to make every shot count, and make every shot a learning experience! Remember, there is no such thing as “advanced” shooters... just shooters who can apply the basic marksmanship principals quickly and effectively. That being said if you never really master the marksmanship principals in the first place how can you expect to effectively employ them under stress when you need to make the shot count?

Rifleman's Course Gear list: Carbine capable of at least 2 MOA accuracy or better | 3 magazines | 400 rounds | Data Book | Eye Protection | Hearing Protection | Sling | Cleaning Equipment | Sunblock | Means of Hydration | Ball Cap | Appropriate Clothing For The Weather | Spotting Scope or Bino's | Shooting Mat | Bipod or Small Rest | Backpack to Carry All Daily Gear In | Tripod or Shooting Sticks (Nice to have) | Snacks as Required

Course date: June 10/11 2017
Location: OFP Match Worx Carthadge MS
Tuition: $550.00 per person

Booking & Cancellation Policy: In order to book an SRT course you must 1st pay for the course (button below) then complete the enrollment form found HERE.

After completing the form email the form along with a copy of your ID or LEO letter to the email address specified on said form. Your seat is NOT confirmed until payment and the form have been received. A detailed explanation of SRT’s cancellation policy can be found on the enrollment form.