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Law Enforcement Training

Don't mistake good fortune for good skills & tactics

Far too often we see officers and teams who mistakenly confuse their past good fortune for proper skills & tactics merely because they have not met an adversary who is better trained than they are.

SRT provides our law enforcement training clients with a broad range of options. Our standard for scheduling any law enforcement training course includes a detailed assessment of the customer’s current capabilities. Our instructors then use this information to plan their course curriculum to ensure no time is wasted bringing the capabilities of the client to their desired level in the shortest amount of time possible. SRT can provide a comprehensive description and outline of all required course activities that will include Task Analysis, Coordination and Preparation, Course Staffing, a Quality Assurance Plan, and Problem Resolution Plan.

LE Course Hosting Requirements:
  • Range restrictions identified
  • Steel targets that meet our requirements
  • Type of course(s) requested
  • Three potential course dates
  • Photos of the range(s)
  • Rangemaster POC (email - cell - address)/li>
  • Is course restricted (your dept only)
  • Nearest major airport
  • Two local lodging locations
  • Address of range & classroom
Steve has been instrumental in polishing two of our Regional SWAT Schools, three Sniper Schools, and supplied current military experts in the use of munitions and explosives for our Bomb Squad. Questions on technology and equipment are met with contacts that have made site visits by corporate executives that were not solely interested in selling their product as much as they were interested in making sure that our needs were met. He has surrounded himself with like-minded individuals in a far reaching network of expertise in the civilian arena as well as the military special operations groups that are interested in facilitating the needs of my SWAT Division as way to give back and help the community of Law Enforcement and the general population we all serve.

Capt J.K. Maricopa County SWAT Div Commander

I have known Steve Reichert for 12 years. He is one of the top firearms instructors in the Nation and is an exceptional one on one instructor. Steve has shot on every weapon level course available at the Rogers Shooting School and has qualified Advanced with every weapon system. He has shot one of the highest rifle scores at the school and has qualified Advanced with a score of 121 out of 125 possible in the Rogers Handgun class. With Steve's military combat experience and his present shooting skills, I know few others that could offer firearms training at his level.

Bill Rogers | Rogers Shooting School

LEO's, if you're considering a course at your location, call us first to discuss your options