In The Company of a Modern Day Hero

This week I was able to spend a few days with Sergeant Dakota Meyer, a former Marine Sniper and a good friend of mine.  I last saw Dakota at his Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House in September, but did not get much chance to talk with him because we were both completely slammed with other obligations.  However, this week I was able to sit down and talk with Dakota.  I was able to convince him to dig through 10 years of history to get his security clearances back in place and I’m excited to report that he is now working with me on several classified military projects.  We met with several 10 lb brains in Cambridge, MA who sought Dakota’s support for their project.  I must say that I’m completely impressed with his abilities to clearly articulate his desires and accomplish his goals.  I wish I was that well-spoken when I was 23!  Hats off to you my friend.

 S/F Steve

Left to Right: SSgt Steve Reichert (USMC ret.) ,  SSgt. Dean E. Schaeffer (USMC ret.) World War Guadalcanal ,  Sgt Dakota Meyer (USMC  MOH)