Why should I host a course?

Hosting an SRT course in your area does two things; 1st and foremost the course host retains one free course seat for every 9 students enrolled. The second benefit is the lack of time and money you must spend to get to the course location.

What courses can you run at our location?

We can customize the courses based on local demands or skills your group may require. Courses could range from a one-day pistol tune-up to a 10-day cross-country precision rifle course. SRT will work with you to formulate a custom training package that will meet and exceed your goals. SRT doesn’t cut corners, nor do we sandbag training events so you can expect to get the most up to date and realistic combat proven tactics, techniques and procedures available.

What are the more popular courses SRT conducts?

Our most popular courses are the Handgun Tune-Ups and the Riflemans Course.

Why are student to instructor ratios important?

You are spending your hard earned money to have deficiencies identified then corrected and to learn. This is simple math, when you look at some of the big names in this industry, take a loot at the firing lines they run. Some have 25+ students on the line with only two instructors. A ratio of 13:1 simply means that at any given time, should you make a mistake there is a 1:13 chance the staff might catch it. SRT keeps our ratios at 6:1, this costs more, however, the students take more away from the course because of this.

What information do you need to host a course?

• Type of course(s) requested
• Dates of course
• Address of range
• Is course restricted (members or LEO only)
• Photos of the range(s)
• Host POC (email – cell – address)
• Nearest major airport
• Address of classroom
• Two local lodging locations & POC’s

What do course hosts have to provide during an SRT course?

• Range facilities
• Classroom with space for all students
• Water
• Steel targetry (details TBD)
• White boards & working pens
• Appropriate range supplies

How will this course be advertised?

Once we have the date confirmed and scheduled we will create a SRT course specific page on our website that can be utilized in your marketing efforts to fill the course. All questions regarding the course will be directed to SRT.

How are course registrations handled?

SRT is responsible for ensuring that students have met the prerequisites for enrollment and have paid fully. We will update the course host weekly on the total number of students and their names.

What is SRT's cancellation policy?

Student cancellation policy:
Students who cancel forty five days or less prior to the start date will NOT be refunded.

Host cancellation policy:
Should a course host have to cancel a course, the HOST will be charged a $1500.00 cancelation fee. This fee must be paid prior to student refunds being issued by SRT.

SRT cancellation policy:
SRT reserves the right to cancel any course or event at any time. Should SRT have to cancel a course for any reason the students will receive a full refund. SRT will do our best to notify all students as soon as a scheduling or other conflict arises. Keep in mind that should SRT have to cancel a course we are not responsible any travel charges or expenses students/hosts may incur.

What do SRT courses typically cost?

Costs are inclusive of all SRT instructor travel. Prices vary, example 1 person for 1 day would be around $2600 for that individual, 25 people for 10 days would cost $226 per person per day. A typical 2-day weekend course for 10 students would run $335 per person per day. A 3-day long-weekend course for 10 students would run $315 per person per day. The more students and the longer the duration the cheaper the price gets. Keep in mind that SRT runs a 6:1 student to instructor ratio. Please note that if you say your max is 25 students, you MUST have a range and targets that can support an appropriate class size.