Limitations of Extreme Distance Shooting

I’ve always been interested in shooting at long range since I was a kid. Back in the day, I thought one hundred yards was far. As time went on, my view of what “far” really is has increased significantly. Being able to put a bullet in the air at an extreme distance is easy, but connecting with your intended target at a distance is not. There are a few companies out there who are building large caliber extreme range rifles; they are pissing money into the wind. Physics being physics, if you can get an aerodynamic object going fast enough […]

Special Weapons and Tactics… or Gear?

Over the past few years of bouncing around the US, I have had the pleasure of meeting some outstanding law enforcement professionals who run 1st rate SWAT teams. I have also bumped into my fair share of teams who’s seemingly primary focus is on looking cool vs. knowing how to execute one of the most time critical & daunting tasks such teams may face… the hostage rescue scenario. Here are a few of the common trends I have found among teams I have personally observed: 1. Officers are so afraid of getting shot they wrap themselves from head to toe […]

Never outgunned… we hope!

I recently read the article the Washington Post put out asking why the Corps hasn’t fielded a long-range rifle to keep up with the other branches of service and more importantly potential future adversaries. The article I can only assume purposely glanced over two larger caliber rifles in current use by the Corps, however, it has once again brought a deficiency to light. The Corps larger caliber rifles The Corps currently has two larger caliber rifles in use that were not mentioned in the Post’s article. The Mk13 is a special built .300 win mag rifle made by NSWC Crane […]

Keystone Accuracy

Keystone Accuracy review by Steve Reichert   It’s been a while since I found myself on the KD range shooting in service rifle competitions. Right after I founded my last company (T1G), I spend a few months bouncing around the East Coast competing. I never shot any outstanding scores, but it was always a learning experience no matter what range I was on. Once things got busy at work, free time became non-existent, so competitions were out of the question. I sold my service rifle and gear but always had great memories of the time spent on the range with […]

Back to the basics

When you couple all the high-speedo new sighting systems out there today with the latest in bolt-on bells & whistles you get some bad ass looking (and hopefully performing) rifles.  In the past ten years I have seen a lot of people shelling out inordinate amounts of cash for optical sights. They do this in the hopes of making the system (shooter, rifle, ammo, optics) more accurate. I mean, after all, isn’t that the goal? If accuracy is the goal, I think a lot of people would greatly benefit if they pressed pause on the current tac-t-cool trend and went […]

Avoiding & Surviving a Home Invasion

Avoiding & Surviving a Home Invasion Picture this: You’ve just come home from work. You are helping your wife puts the final touches on dinner while the kids play in the living room. After a long day, you’re finally starting to relax, and you’re looking forward to sitting down for a meal with your family. Suddenly, from outside, you hear the sounds of car doors slamming and feet shuffling up your driveway. As you stand to look out the window you’re startled by a resonant BOOM! as the door is kicked and. Someone you don’t know has broken into your […]

Bad Friday April 9th 2004

April 9th 2004 I found myself participating in one of the fiercest battles ever fought inside the “Triangle of Death”. What started off as a normal squad patrol with 15 Marines ended with hundreds of Marines battling their way through a town. For years I have been thinking about my actions on that day and what could have been done different. This is why I suggest everyone who carries a weapon for a living should bust their ass and train hard. You never know where you may end up and who’s lives may be on the line. Below is my account […]


The DARPA XM-3 By Steve Reichert The original article (here) was published by Soldier of Fortune in the summer of 2012. It has since been updated below  For years Marine snipers have been using their coveted bolt-action M40s (A1/2/3/5) to take out enemies all over the world. These rifles are all built by hand at the Marine Corps Precision Weapons Shop (PWS) in Quantico, VA. The Marines at PWS build some of the most accurate sniper rifles in DOD, yet when 9/11 sent the Marines into Iraq and Afghanistan the shortcomings of the new M40A3 were soon apparent. Marines on […]

SR’s Handgun Caliber Choice

Over the years, I have been asked a number of times what my handgun caliber choice is & why. It’s not a simple, nor fast question to answer so I’ll make an attempt to provide a comprehensive answer here. The rounds you will find by my side most often are some form of expanding 9mm hollow points. They are not +P’s or +P+’s, just your regular octane leaded type. Before I go on let’s get the definitions for mechanics of projectile wounding out there: Penetration: The tissue through which the projectile passes, and which it disrupts or destroys. Permanent Cavity: The […]


Some of you reading this will say “the 1911 is the finest battle proven combat pistol in the world”, those who state this probably have not seen what the 1911’s do on the range in the hands of our Marines, nor have they spoken with the Marine Corps 2112’s who are tasked with keeping these pistols running. Many of you saw the announcement last summer that Colt was awarded a $22,500,000 contract for the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Close Quarter Battle Pistol (CQBP). When the initial RFI (request for information) on the M45 CQBP was posted by Marine Corps […]

Staying safe with social media

Here is a link to a great guide to keep your privacy safe while using the latest social media- LINK

Get Over It! We Are Not All Created Equal

By Capt Katie Petronio The Marine Corps Times recently published a handful of articles in regard to opening Infantry Officer Course (IOC) to females and the possibility of integrating women into the infantry community. In mid-April the Commandant directed the “integration” of the first wave of female officers into IOC this summer following completion of The Basic School (TBS). This action may or may not pave the way for female Marines to serve in the infantry as the results remain to be seen. However, before the Marine Corps moves forward with this concept, should we not ask the hard questions […]


I wanted to post this a while back, but I needed to ensure that the contents don’t breach 18 USC § 798. Green light from the guys, so here you go! I recently attended a training event that very few folks are able to get into due to restrictions at the government agency that runs the course. This isn’t your typical shooting course that everyone and their brother can teach. It was strictly about weapons system placement—the system in this case being the shooter—to kill multiple adversaries with ease. Before attending the course, I attempted to check into the backgrounds […]

1stSgt’s and SgtMaj’s in the Infantry

I was out with some friends recently and they told me a story that pissed me off. One of the High-Speedo Marine units was out training with my last company. The Marines were doing great and absorbing everything they could. The command decided to show up, so the CO & SgtMaj wound up touring the facility and saw their Marines on the range. What was one of the first things the SgtMaj did? Was it: A: Compliment the Marines for their excellent shooting abilities B: Offer shooting advice on how to better complete the drill C: Start complaining  about haircuts, […]

Windage Adjustable Scope Mounts??

I learned something new while out at SHOT 2012. I was speaking with John Williams III from US Optics (they make some of the best scopes out there by the way) about making some rather long range shots. He built up two scopes for me that would have enough travel to keep the crosshairs on target without the need to hold-over at 2500+yds. The scope bodies he made were a tad wider than ones he has done in the past in order to accommodate the extra travel required. John asked me if I had windage adjustable scope bases. I informed […]

Differences and similarities of civilian competition and combat shooting

I thought I would share a good article my friend Craig “Sawman” Sawyer wrote on the differences and similarities of civilian competition and combat shooting. Sawman is a Former Marine, Navy SEAL (DEV) & now a TV Personality on numerous TV shows and documentaries.  Here you go… The main parallels I see between combat shooting and competition shooting are that in each case, you need to be able to put your shots on a given target in a timely manner. Both disciplines can involve shooting, moving, reloading, and problem solving. Other than those similarities, the two scenarios are worlds apart. […]

Think your kids are safe in school… THINK AGAIN!

Remember sitting in school and hearing the fire alarm go off? We all knew the drill: close the windows, check the doors for heat, close the doors behind you, and ensure all students are accounted for. Back then, fires in schools were the #1 cause for student injuries and deaths, which is why school administrators ran so many drills. Over the years, however, building codes have changed and firewalls, sprinkler systems, and alarms have been continuously implemented and upgraded. As a result, fire-related injuries have dramatically decreased over the past three decades—yet schools continue to practice for this event as […]

In The Company of a Modern Day Hero

This week I was able to spend a few days with Sergeant Dakota Meyer, a former Marine Sniper and a good friend of mine.  I last saw Dakota at his Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House in September, but did not get much chance to talk with him because we were both completely slammed with other obligations.  However, this week I was able to sit down and talk with Dakota.  I was able to convince him to dig through 10 years of history to get his security clearances back in place and I’m excited to report that he […]

Glock Modifications

I’m often asked what I do to my carry pistols once I purchase them. I don’t think I have a pistol in the safe that I haven’t modified. The last pistol I picked up was a Glock 17 Gen 4. What I do to most of the Glocks I have is as follows: 1. Polish the feed ramp: Taking a Dremel Moto Tool with the correct polishing bit ground down to about 10mm works best. I polish the feed ramp and the bottom of the rear of the chamber. When the ramp looks like a mirror I call it done. […]

High Speedo

More often than not folks that don’t directly know me assume that I have some high-speedo Ninja type SOF background based on what I have done since retiring from the Marine Corps. While I find this humbling, I’d like to clarify that I have never been in Delta Force nor a book writing/movie producing SEAL unit. I’m not some high-speedo Marine sniper or pipe-hitter with MARSOC. I was never in the Air Force and am not a PJ/CCT sky-god. Never did any time as a member of the Marine Corps reconnaissance community (BN or Force). I have been fortunate to […]


Most of you have heard of T1G (Tier 1 Group) but few know where the company came from. For those that don’t know, here’s the story. After getting wounded by an IED in 2004, the Marine Corps put me on the path towards medical retirement. The process was a lengthy one, and my unit was still in Iraq when the 2nd Marine Division’s Gunner selected me to develop the 2nd MarDiv Pre-Sniper course at the Division Training Center (DTC). As the Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (SNCOIC) of the Pre-Sniper section, I became responsible for the full development of the […]

How Firearms Helped Shape one kid

I remember the first time my father taught me how to shoot in the basement of our house. I was twelve at that time. He took out an RWS pellet rifle complete with a six power scope. When he pulled it out of the case I felt like I was taking a big step towards becoming a man. While all of the other kids were at home studying, my father was passing down skills that would last a lifetime. Anytime I wanted, we went to the basement and while I was shooting, he was reading. My father knew what he […]