1stSgt’s and SgtMaj’s in the Infantry

1stSgt’s and SgtMaj’s in the Infantry

I was out with some friends recently and they told me a story that pissed me off. One of the High-Speedo Marine units was out training with my last company. The Marines were doing great and absorbing everything they could. The command decided to show up, so the CO & SgtMaj wound up touring the facility and saw their Marines on the range. What was one of the first things the SgtMaj did? Was it:

A: Compliment the Marines for their excellent shooting abilities
B: Offer shooting advice on how to better complete the drill
C: Start complaining  about haircuts, shaves and bloused boots

If you guessed A or B then you have too much common sense. Nope, this guy went and started pulling Marines off the line to ask them about their shaves, haircuts and why their boots were unbloused. What an POG. I understand that they need to “look” like Marines when back in garrison, but at a REMOTE training site? Who is going to see them in a facility that’s locked down from civilians?

This reminds me of another time back in 2004 when my unit was a blocking force just south of Fallujah, Iraq. We were 1,000 yards outside the city that was full of insurgents. It wasn’t tactically sound but our entire sniper platoon occupied one building on 3 different levels. Since it was over 110 degrees outside, the guys on the rooftop (myself included) took off our helmets, unbloused our boots, rolled up our sleeves and were doing our best to cool off. Keep in mind most of us were busy shooting guys at distance or spotting. After about a half hour of dropping those feral creatures the SgtMaj comes storming up to the roof. Does he:

A: Grab another spotting scope to help look for guys to kill
B: Bring water or ask if we need anything
C: Stop Marines from killing insurgents to have them fix their uniforms

You guessed it. Marines were pulled off their sniper rifles to fix their uniforms. Not in garrison, not during a training mission, but during actual combat. After this guy left the roof he went down to the second deck where the Sniper Platoon Sgt. was. The PltSgt was busy vaporizing insurgents with the SASR and the good Ole SgtMaj stops him from killing bad guys to talk to him about how undisciplined his snipers are……
If you have similar stories please share them here.

PS: I know lots of 1st Sgt’s and SgtMaj’s that are actually WARFIGHTERs…. But somehow the Marine Corps still allows non-infantry 1st Sgt’s and SgtMaj’s into Infantry units where they don’t belong.

Semper Fi