We will make you faster

The speed in which a person can appliy the basic marksmanship and tactical principals is the only thing that differentiates the pros from the novice.


Accuracy Standards

We hold both staff and students to stringent accuracy standards. We don't aimlessly pump rounds into ragged paper targets; we precisely deliver shots where required.


Instant Feedback

Our student to instructor ratios are among the smallest in the industry; This allows us to provide much more correction and feedback to our clients. We also employ some electronic means to ensure students see what we see.

Staff 1

World-Class Staff

We provide vetted, qualified and experienced instructors. Our staff has decades of experience in the Special Operations field while working in both permissive and austere environments. They are excellent educators and can demonstrate to perfection.

NRA Board of Directors

Steve Reichert is running for the National Rifle Associations 2017 Board of Directors. Not unlike you, US Marine Corps veteran Steve Reichert has witnessed political assault after political assault against our Constitutional rights. After serving in Iraq, Steve now has over a decade of training experience in the private sector, teaching tactics and techniques to law enforcement agencies as well as special operations personnel. However, his specific views on exactly how to secure America’s Constitutional rights differ from most.

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